Discover all the specifications of our iGROW S.104


The iGROW S.104 system is an intelligent LED luminaire that puts the power of pulsating light in your hands. It has evolved into iGROW Janus


The iGROW Janus system designed by EOS Lightpulse is the result of one year of rolling with the iGROW S104 system but with mechanical, electronic and connectivity improvements.

This new version of the iGROW S104 comes to cover the needs that the public of “Apple” demand since we launched the first version and the addition of radiation in low dose of Ultraviolet C.

Germicidal effect

We have developed a unique control system on the market capable of controlling pulsed light UV-C radiation at wavelengths 265 / 275nm at low doses to achieve: an organoleptic improvement and prevention and disinfection of pests, bacteria or fungi.

Connectivity with iOS / Android

The box includes everything you need to start with iGROW, from the handles to the electric cable. Follow some brief installation instructions, download the App on your mobile and you will be ready to start cultivating.


iGROW by EOS, our App

Our App will be your control panel to take full advantage of iGROW

Easy to use

Simple and intuitive, it is designed with two operating modes (basic and advanced) to cover the needs of all types of users


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Specifications - iGROW S.104

Simple on the outside, extremely powerful on the inside

  • Ideal for indoor crops and greenhouses
  • High-quality OSRAM® LEDs
  • Only 120W, replacing the traditional 400W sodium
  • Android APP own
  • Optimized and programmable spectrum Proprietary * modes
  • EOD and EON configurable treatments
  • More than 80 selectable species
  • Record and share your farming modes
  • Totally silent, does not need fans
  • Minimum heat emission allowing crops in summer
  • 2 years warranty

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FAQ | Suport

How can we help you?

Please, consult the following sections to solve your doubts.
Write us if you still have any questions, we will be happy to exchange a few lines with you:

What are the benefits of LED technology for horticulture?

LED technology has many advantages over traditional technologies, among which we can highlight:

  1. ON ON / OFF instantaneous. No need to warm up.
  2. PAR / W emission superior to the rest of traditional technologies.
  3. Specific wavelengths for a better development of photosynthesis
  4. The spectrum can be adapted for the species to be cultivated.
  5. Up to 75% less consumption compared to traditional farming technologies.

What is iGROW?

iGROW was developed so that everyone has the opportunity to have a professional luminaire unit to grow indoors for their personal use and also can be used comfortably in their homes, cultivating in a simple, technical and fun way any type of plant , giving the necessary light parameters for an optimal development of the crop.

iGROW is a line of products, designed to last thanks to its robust casing, advanced electronics and component quality.

It is a live product because we can update through our App both the software and firmware of iGROW, giving the user more control options.

How can EOS help my crop?

At EOS we rely on humility and transparency, not only we will not develop or improve by your feedbacks, but thanks to our passion for horticulture, we will improve periodically with accessories or supplements for a better cultivation experience. Accessories such as temperature probes-humidity-electroconductivity of the earth (EC) -PH are accessories that we are going to incorporate in the next generation of iGROW so that the user has control over the fundamental parameters of an indoor crop. But not only that, we will also make automation improvements, so that with a simple click, your plants are watered, the nutrient mixture in the case of hydroponic culture is correct, the height of the luminaire will go up as the crop grows or that it acts if it detects a possible threat (plague, bacterium or fungus). With all that is what we can and will help, so that cultivating technically is comfortable and fun, there is nothing more beautiful than having fun doing an activity that will ultimately bear fruit, and never better.

Suport & warranty

Instruction manual

You can access all the documentation about iGROW from our download center, including the manual and the warranty policy.

Technical service - I have a problem with my iGROW

We are sorry that you are experiencing problems with your luminaire. Please contact us through, we will look for a solution as soon as possible.

EOS Warranty

All our products include 2 to 3 years warranty. You can access the documentation from our download center.