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LED Horticulture | Smart LED luminaires for crops

LED horticulture is our specialty. We have designed the iGROW system, an intelligent light that uses the best LED diodes on the market, designed and made by our partner OSRAM, to emit photosynthetically active radiation (PAR).

The LED horticulture delivers big advantages in the growth of plants, in addition to offering big energetic efficiency.

More about iGROW S.104

iGROW S104 - Our first contribution


Energy efficiency

Low energy consumption, only 120W

Pulsed energy

Pulsed energy at 200W of power

Control through our own App

iGROW by EOS, only available on Android
iGROW technology

We apply our iGROW technology in 3 different sectors

iGROW for Home Grow

Your ally in self-cultivation. Create your own cultivation recipes at home with maximum efficiency and control with our intelligent LED growth luminaires iGROW, the alternative to HPS and LEC

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iGROW for Industrial use

Our iGROW intelligent cultivation system offers great advantages to the industrial sector. It can be used in greenhouses, plant factories, cultivation chambers, seedbeds and algae farming. Learn all the advantages by clicking below.

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R&D Tool

We are investigating together with CEBAS-CSIC scientists, organoleptic improvement and increased production of secondary metabolites, which have benefits for human health through different combinations of light spectra and UV-C radiation.

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LED Horticulture - Smart lights for the cultivation of vegetables

LED Horticulture

It is science, technology and business involved in the production of vegetables for consumption. Therefore, in the horticulture section you will find a description of our intelligent growth lights and some of their accessories.

Custom design

If you need a customized product or adapt any of our designs to your facilities, get in touch with us and we will come up with a solution for your project.

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