About EOS Lightpulse

"A multidisciplinary team of electronic and mechanical engineering proffesionals dedicated to high technology and efficiency projects to improve society for the better"

About us

EOS Lightpulse is a technology company founded in 2014 by three engineers with extensive experience in the electronics and telecommunications sector. In recent years, our professional career has been marked by sectors related to LED technology and its different applications, wireless communication, energy efficiency and product durability. One day we decided it was time to use them to grow food, but unlike our competitors, we wanted to keep three unusual concepts in mind:

  • Control (all possible control from your own hands)
  • Ease of use (learning, intuitive and graphic applications)
  • Efficiency (high power products and lower consumption than current ones)

The origin of EOS was an idea presented in 2014 at the third edition of the Repsol Entrepreneurs Competition, where with an idea that we now recognize was not very well-developed, we were among the 30 best out of a total of 750 ideas from around the world.

“A motivated team in constant evolution, where science and engineering go hand in hand”

Since then, we have carried out engineering projects for other companies in order to finance the project through which we started the EOS adventure, our IGROW plant growth system.

After a lot of work and sacrifice, that project has materialized in our intelligent growth light iGROW.

As EOS began to walk, it was also beginning to transform. Unconsciously all our projects had an union link: they were all related to social interest or energy efficiency. When we realized, we decided that EOS would take the path of being a company that would be differentiated from the majority by developing exclusively products where these factors prevail. We hope that doing our bit we can collaborate to transform this world into a better world.

The team of EOS Lightpulse 

Javier Andrés Nieto | CEO, Co-Founder

Juan Carlos Herranz | R&D Manager, Co-Founder

Victor Cebrián Roselló | Engineering Manager, Co-Founder

Francisco Javier Núñez | Business Development Manager, Partner